Our Services

Talim-ul-Islam offers the following services:

Prayer Services

Talim-ul-Islam offers the five daily prayer services. During the month of Ramadaan we also offer the Taraweeh prayers daily, as well as the Tahajjud prayers during the last ten nights. We also offer the Eid prayers.

Funeral Service

Talim-ul-Islam provides all the Muslim Funeral Services needed. Contact any one of the following three persons for this service.

  • Br Zameer Khan 416-803-5079
  • Br Salim Dukureh 416-727-1077
  • Br Kamal Azeez 416-417-3353

Hajj and Umrah Service

Because of the rising cost of having to perform Umrah as well as Hajj, we at Talim-ul-Islam decided to team up with a travel agent to provide a lower cost option. As a pilot project, our Jamaat was given the opportunity to perform Umrah, in February 2020, at a reasonable price. The cost per person for the 15-day Umrah package was $2,400.00.

We have successfully completed four Umrah trips, the last one being completed in September 2023.

Our next trip was scheduled for February 2024, but has been cancelled becuase of the current unrest in the Middle East.

We will update you when the next Umrah is being planned.

Hall Rental Service

Talim-ul-Islam has a hall which we do rent out for weddings, and family functions. We also have a kitchen facility where we can prepare enough food to feed 500 people. We can therefore rent the facility and cater the food as well. Note that Government Health and Safety Regulations, as well as Halal Food concerns, prevent us from renting out our Kitchen Facility.

​For details on the hall rental, and availability please contact Br Kamal Azeez at 416-475-5606.