About Us

The Talim-ul-Islam organization has been in existence since 1972. The organization operates legally under the name Talim-ul-Islam Ontario. Originally it operated out of its members homes until 1992, when it acquired the building at 86 Rivalda Road. Nine years later it finally obtained the necessary permits to allow the building to be renovated and to be used as a place of worship, thereby allowing us to conduct our affairs. (The picture above shows the centre in 1999)

The aims and objectives of our organization are:

  1. To provide an Islamic based organization.
  2. To create conditions conducive to the growth of Islamic education.
  3. To foster and promote a spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood and co-operation between other Muslim organizations and to organize religious activities.
  4. To acquire properties and assets useful to those ends.

​In light of this we started by establishing an Islamic School at the centre. Unfortunately we had to close it down because we were unable to successfully secure all the necessary permits at that time. Instead we started our daily Salaat Program, set up a space for the Islamic Bookstore, and started our Madressah program.

The organization is entirely volunteer driven, we have no persons on our payroll. All the monies we collect are used to operate the centre, and to help us achieve the objectives we set out. Please be generous and make a Donation today.


We are always in need of volunteers to help us achieve our goals. If you have any skills to offer, or simply the desire to help us serve the community we welcome you to join our team.

You can also volunteer your services to us in any of the following ways:

  1. Professionally, by making your services available.
  2. By assisting us in the maintenance and upkeep of the centre,
  3. By assisting in our program and service delivery.

If you would like to volunteer, Contact us or give us a call we would welcome any help or assistance offered.

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