Other Services

We also provide daily Fast Breaking Dinner (Iftaar) during Ramadaan, an Umrah (Pilgrimage) Program, Hall Rental, and other Services .

We also provide the following additional services:

     1.  Daily Iftaar (Fast Breaking Dinner) during the month of Ramadaan.

     2.  An Umrah or Pilgrimage Service

     3.  Hall Rental Service.

​For more details on these and other Services please contact us.

Daily Iftaar (Fast Breaking Dinner) During Ramadaan

During the month of Ramadaan, we provide additional Prayer Services such as:

Taraweeh Prayers every night, where we complete the entire Quran before the end of the month. We also offer Tahajjud Prayers during the last 10 nights of Ramadaan, where we also complete an entire reading of the Quran.

During the entire month of Ramadaan and for ten additional days thereafter, Talim-ul-Islam provides food daily for fast breaking (or Iftaar). Thanks to the grace of Allah, our Jamaat (congregation) and the countless volunteers, this program has been one of the great success stories for our organization. It draws Muslims from all around the Greater Toronto Area to our centre. We feed on average about 250 people every night and about double that on weekends. All of the food is prepared at our centre.

During the last ten days, following our Tahajjud Prayers, we also provide food for Suhoor (or final meal before starting a fast). We normally have about 300 congregants in attendance. This prayer service is also attended by many Muslims from aroung the Greater Toronto Area.

Umrah (Pilgrimage) Service

One of the Five Pillars of Islam, is that every believer should strive to complete at least one Pilgrimage during their lifetime. It is compulsory on all Muslims who have the financial means (ie is free of debt) and is of sufficient health to perform the necessary rituals.

Because of the rising cost of having to perform Umrah as well as Hajj, we at Talim-ul-Islam decided to team up with a travel agent to provide a lower cost option. In 2019, as a pilot project, our Jamaat was given an opportunity to perform Umrah at a reasonable price. The cost per person for the 15-day Umrah package was $2,400.00. This included Travel, Accommodation and Meals.

A group of 20 (twenty) from our Jamaat was led by two of our regular Imams Sh. Mohamed Mash, and Sh. Asif Ferose. By the grace of Allah the Umrah was completed by all who participated May Allah reward them for the dedication and effort. They all returned safely just prior, to the Saudi government closing down all travel to Saudi Arabia due to COVID-19.

Since then the travel restrictions have been removed we had two more groups organised. The first of these went in October 2022. The other group was in September 2023. The cost has risen to $3000.00, as offered by us, compared to an average of about $9000.00 at other providers.

Hall Rental Service

Talim-ul-Islam has a hall which we do rent out for weddings, and family functions. We also have a kitchen facility where we can prepare enough food to feed 500 people. We can therefore rent the facility and cater the food as well. Note that Health regulations and safety concerns prevent us from renting out our Kitchen Facility. The government regulations concerning public safety, as well as our concern over non-halal food being brought onto our premises, forces us to impose restrictions on what is brought into the center

​For details on hall rental, our restrictions and availability please contact Br Kamal Azeez at 416-475-5606.